We begin again ...

Firstly let me welcome you to my blog and start by wishing you a Happy New Year, this is a return for me, I previously upheld a couple of blogs whilst in New York as well as in UK. Covering more photographic based posts to just general things I like/saw/wanted or just thought interesting. 

So I shall begin ...

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might already know that I'm interested in a vast range of subjects; so do bear with me whilst I reacquaint myself with blogging again ... 




2014 was an interesting year, having travelled throughout Europe with the Lambertz Team for a month. From an early age I've had the burning desire to undertake a RoadTrip through Europe, 6500 miles later that's certainly one item to tick from the bucket list!

Alas it is now 2015 and I wonder what is in store. 

I've resurrected my shooting of street photography, I think I was about 6 or so when I first noticed the work of Henri Cartier Bresson, such inspirational images. 

I'm drawn to those people whom can capture their subjects in such a way. One modern day chap whose work is of a similar strain is Anton Brooks (mockturtlemoon.com). There's a gritty beautiful realism in his shots that really places you as the viewer bang in front of the subject. You're instantly transported into the scene of the image, something not all photographers can achieve. 


Speaking of being transported into a different scene etc my Spotify playlists are growing slowly. Namely the 'Late Night' playlist receives the most airtime recently, it's a great selection either for a lazy morning or as the title suggests 'Late night' too (whisky is optional). 

Well this being my first post I shall for now leave it there for now. See you soon!