An afternoon at The Fado

On Friday I had the pleasure of catching up with my old friend Mauro, we worked together many years ago on a fashion show and since then he's stepped into the catering industry with his phenomenal food truck The Fado.  

Mauro prepares a tasty breakfast to start your day @TheFado

Mauro prepares a tasty breakfast to start your day @TheFado

From when I arrived to when he closed there was a constant stream of customers, having sampled some the dishes it was clear as to why! Not only customers coming back but those that were driving by all slowed and shouted their appreciation after having bought one of the many authentic dishes on offer.  

The Peri Peri Chicken seems to be especially popular! 


Mauro serving up a Peri Peri Chicken with salad.  

Mauro serving up a Peri Peri Chicken with salad.  

The time flew by and the constant smell of delicious food ensured I felt hungry! 


Thank you for an excellent time Mauro you deserve to do phenomenally well!

For those of you in the Manchester area or indeed passing through, check out The Fado

Sound bites

Life with the amazing Monitor Audio from Acton Gate Audio has been amazing!

The sound quality from this ensemble is impeccable.  

Monitor Audio B2 & Monitor Audio A100

Monitor Audio B2 & Monitor Audio A100

Along my journey I've continued using both Spotify  and Tidal with some mixed feelings. 

Whilst I've developed an extensive playlist with Spotify I've continued to dip in and out of Tidal for their HiFi Lossless product. Whilst there is a noticeable difference in audio quality with Tidal there's certain functionality missing that endears me more to Spotify. 

Putting the 'Lossless' factor aside the things that stand out for me with Tidal are the inclusion of video, for me personally, this is a complete waste and clogs up the Stream of albums and tracks available within the app/desktop Beta. If a subscription of pure music minus videos was available and the videos hidden from sight, excellent! 

Secondly, albeit they 'recommend' different artists differently, I believe, but could be wrong, that Spotify uses algorithms etc based upon your listening habits to recommend artists and albums whereas on the flip side, Tidal use, what appears to be, a cookie cutter approach recommending the same new artists to everyone. On a number of occasions its pushed me back to the 'Discover' element of Spotify which seems for all intents and purposes to know with fairly good accuracy as to what albums and artists may be of interest to me.  

There are still a few artists I like that are missing in tidal too, or at least their most recent releases.  

For example I recently had the pleasure of being followed by Tess Henley , within Spotify a much greater catalogue including her recent album was there whereas in Tidal the catalogue wasn't as encompassing. 

I found the same to be true of Sabrina Malheiros whose work I've followed for many years now who has such an incredible voice and was hoping to experience listening to her music in Lossless format. 

Additionally I'm surprised the Mac Desktop app for Tidal is still 'Beta', whilst one would hope the majority of its revenue, as it stated at relaunch, was more about benefitting the artists, a desktop app that was more stable and less 'buffery' would be appreciated for the increased price point.  

So at the and of my time utilising both formats, and despite the noticeable increase in quality gained within Tidal, for the moment at least, I may very well just be staying with Spotify for the simple reason that more artists are available, more of their work, and current work at that, is available for me to listen to. 

I will miss the increased quality in Tidal, however as it stands currently, the cost doesn't out way the benefits currently for me.  

Just my two cents worth of these two platforms so far.  


But aside from that, if you're in the market for a new system or simply wish to upgrade I can't recommend more the Monitor Audio lineup nor the patience, knowledge and help you'll receive from Acton Gate Audio.  


Wow! Is it really June already?

Am I too late to say 'White Bunny Rabbit' or whatever? Probably.  

Anyway, it has been quite a busy period really, clocked up my fair share of motorway miles traversing the length and breadth of the country.  

Photography wise it's been wonderful to work with some old clients again as well as develop great relationships with new ones.  

On a consulting and entrepreneurial front it's been an absolute honour to speak at a number of universities around the country. I've been lucky enough to impart many insights to the creative industry as well as fostering and nurturing the drive and determination to bite the bullet and carve out your own future as an entrepreneur, whether that's within the creative arena or indeed any business area. 

With the right level of knowledge, patience, determination and willingness to 'make it happen' anyone really can set their sights upon a future they're in control of, that's not to say that the route won't contain a few detours and potholes along the way, but tenacity and a calm reflective approach will allow you to succeed.  

Interms of my drive and determination it is all about the foundations of your venture. That's you! Like a primed fighter or indeed the house you live in, before you see the honed and chiseled perfection you start simple with the foundations. Once you're in good shape you can focus your energies externally and build, develop and grow, but never loose sight of those foundations, refer back afford yourself time to reflect and observe impartially upon your progress.  

Analyse the direction you're taking, has it changed? Are you still being true to yourself or are you adapting in a positive way and the deviation is a welcome one that doesn't impede upon your end goal or development as an entrepreneur? 

the future is yours, shape well.  


Until next time ...  

Chatting with students after a presentation

Chatting with students after a presentation

Presenting space

Presenting space

Late late night walk home

Late late night walk home

New Year - Motivation and Focus

Recently I've been wanting to focus more on my health, nutrition and wellbeing. 

I've begun a new journey starting with acquiring my Nutrition and Fitness certifications to launch a my new brand 'BeNu'.  

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We begin again ...

Firstly let me welcome you to my blog and start by wishing you a Happy New Year, this is a return for me, I previously upheld a couple of blogs whilst in New York as well as in UK. Covering more photographic based posts to just general things I like/saw/wanted or just thought interesting. 

So I shall begin ...

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might already know that I'm interested in a vast range of subjects; so do bear with me whilst I reacquaint myself with blogging again ... 




2014 was an interesting year, having travelled throughout Europe with the Lambertz Team for a month. From an early age I've had the burning desire to undertake a RoadTrip through Europe, 6500 miles later that's certainly one item to tick from the bucket list!

Alas it is now 2015 and I wonder what is in store. 

I've resurrected my shooting of street photography, I think I was about 6 or so when I first noticed the work of Henri Cartier Bresson, such inspirational images. 

I'm drawn to those people whom can capture their subjects in such a way. One modern day chap whose work is of a similar strain is Anton Brooks ( There's a gritty beautiful realism in his shots that really places you as the viewer bang in front of the subject. You're instantly transported into the scene of the image, something not all photographers can achieve. 


Speaking of being transported into a different scene etc my Spotify playlists are growing slowly. Namely the 'Late Night' playlist receives the most airtime recently, it's a great selection either for a lazy morning or as the title suggests 'Late night' too (whisky is optional). 

Well this being my first post I shall for now leave it there for now. See you soon!